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Welcome to the world of Angstrom Loudspeakers. Since 1978 we have consistently produced some of the best performing Loudspeakers for stereo and home theatre applications. We are confident you will be thrilled with the quality of our products. We invite you to read about our loudspeakers and read the reviews and testimonies from our valued Dealers and Consumers. Please contact us if you have questions or would like to be the next satisfied customer that has discovered our company and fine products. Thank you!


Tony Gray
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On Wall In Wall and In Ceiling Low Frequency Transducers (Subwoofers) Audiophile Cabinets
Loudspeakers that enhance the performance of plasma and LCD displays. Cutting edge technology and award winning quality. An extensive series of subwoofers for all performance and design applications. Our hand-crafted loudspeakers deliver world-class audiophile performance.
Reference Cabinets Designer Cabinets Lifestyle Solutions
Outstanding performance from quality components and inspired engineering. Our entry-level Cabinet Speakers deliver style and performance. Mini Lifestyle Speakers and special application Loudspeakers
Angstrom Acoustic Laboratories was founded in 1978 with the sole purpose to design and produce high quality loudspeakers. Since its inception, Angstrom has utilized the Canadian Research Council’s acoustic testing facilities in Ottawa. This made Angstrom one of the first loudspeaker companies in North America to use scientific basis for the design and development of loudspeakers.
The National Research Council’s achievements in the field of audio are well known, as the principles developed there have resulted in many advances in loudspeaker design.
Angstrom Loudspeakers has deep roots among the celebrated loudspeaker manufacturers from Canada, and has earned a reputation for developing loudspeakers of un-equaled design and performance. We are obsessed with creating acoustic products that provide a truly life-changing acoustic experience and offer a full range of loudspeakers for every imaginable application, all encompassing the same level of detail and performance that has become a signature of Angstrom quality. With our attention to detail, research, and our innovative spirit, we believe our products to be second to none. If you’re in pursuit of unmatched sound reproduction, we invite you to listen to Angstrom Loudspeakers. Our years of research, design, testing and pursuit of excellence will create an amazing sonic impression that you will enjoy for many years.

New! Frameless In-Ceiling Loudspeakers 
Our new, upgraded Ambienti Series featuring a frameless design are now shipping in the 6.5" and 8" In-Ceiling Models. Please visit our In-Ceiling Section for complete details!


Read the June 2010 review from Home Theater Magazine:

"Angstrom has come up with an alternative solution for the
center channel blues, with a phantom center that really
works...put this on your short list of must-hears"
Mark Fleischmann, Home Theater Magazine, June 2010

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Read our new Blog Section!
We are pleased to introduce Dave McCallum as a contributing writer to our website. To read the latest from Dave visit our "Learning Centre" or click here: Dave McCallum

Here is what just a few of our valued customers have to say:

"Angstrom Loudspeakers are the best Performance / Value proposition in loudspeakers I have ever encountered. They perform at levels which far exceeds their price. Truly one of Canadian Sound's finest products."


Nicholas Bourikas, President and Founder, Canadian Sound. Oakville, Ontario Canada

"During the last four years we have seen an exceptional level of support from the folks at Angstrom..."

- Mike Merrigan, Peak Audio, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada 

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Click HERE to view exclusive Audiogone interview with Angstrom Loudspeakers President, Tony Gray.

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