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The Technology Details
In Wall and In Ceiling

In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

        Frameless Award-winning In-Wall      

The Ambienti Series is our contribution to the ever growing In-Wall/ In-Ceiling loudspeaker market. Our lastest upgrade features a frameless design in our 6.5" and 8" round in-ceiling loudspeakers. Like all Angstrom Loudspeakers, our Ambienti Series is designed and manufactured using proven, high-performance components. Our Engineers have combined their many years of experience to develop this line of In-Ceiling products that outperform similar products that cost 3-4 times more.

Please click on the "Technology" link above to learn what sets Ambienti apart from all other In-Wall/ In-Ceiling Loud-speakers.

In-Ceiling Loudspeakers - A full line of In-Ceiling Speakers designed for:
  • Home Theatre
  • Stereo
  • Whole House Audio

The Ambienti Series offers a full range of In-Ceiling loudspeaker products including 15 degree angle designs, single point stereo and an In-Ceiling Subwoofer.  If you are in the market for quality In-Ceiling products, look no further. You will be pleasantly surprised by Ambienti products. Check out the list of features and technology that add up to one important benefit - great audio performance!

Performance Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

In-Wall Loudspeakers
   Award-winning In-Wall Loudspeakers 

A full line of Award-Winning In-Wall Speakers for:

  • Home Theatre
  • Stereo
  • Whole House Audio

Our Ambienti Series includes a full range of In-Wall loudspeaker products.  Our 6.5" In-Wall Loudspeaker won the following awards, even when reviewed against reputable high-performance products costing 3-4 times as much.

Please click on the "Technology" link above to learn what sets Ambienti apart from all other In-Wall/ In-Ceiling Loud-speakers.

"Editor's Choice Awards"
“This affordable little two-way is the Giant Killer of in-walls, offering expressive dynamics and an articulate, engaging sound that puts some much more expensive competitors to shame”. The Perfect Vision, January 2007

"Product of the Year - Best In-Wall Loudspeaker"
What makes the Angstrom Ambienti AV-6.5 so exceptional; it not only performs at levels comparable to more intrusive big box designs, it does so at an almost laughably accessible price"...The Perfect Vision, January 2007

We offer a full Lifetime Warranty and a Performance Guarantee on Ambienti Products.


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