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   Our valued customers rave about our Products & Service..   

Our valued customers rave about our Products & Service..

  • "Angstrom Loudspeakers are the best Performance / Value proposition in loudspeakers I have ever encountered.They perform at levels which far exceeds their price. Truly one of Canadian Sound's finest products." 

         Nicholas Bourikas, President and Founder, Canadian Sound. Oakville, Ontario Canada  

  • "We design and install high performance Home Theatres and have been using Angstrom speakers in our clients’ homes for the past 4 years. During that time we have had occasion to review and audition many of the leading brands at all price points. We always end up drawing the same conclusion, that the Angstrom speaker product offers incredible overall value. These speakers just plain outperform the other brands and the pricing just makes them unbeatable. You can spend more but I can guarantee you will have a very hard time convincing even the most experienced listener that there is a better speaker at twice the price."

          Mike Dummer, President, Digital Lifestyles, Calgary, Alberta  Canada          

  • "As a Custom Installation firm serving mid market and high end clients in Eastern Ontario, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in product selection. Since 2004, Angstrom  has been our main speaker line and they have never let us down. Our technicians and engineers have chosen the Angstrom line up as their speaker of choice due to its uncompromising quality. Sonically the speakers are clean and tight. Aesthetically our clients love them.  I  recommend Angstrom  for any Home Theatre or 2 Channel application. You won't be disappointed". 

          Graham Robinson, President, Electronic Interiors Inc., Belleville, Canada. 

  • We have sold the Angstrom brand of speakers for many years and through all the changes have remained loyal to the brand as it only improves and diversifies. It offers our customers great value while offering us as a retailer and custom installation service a valuable, reliable brand. The service from the team at Angstrom is unbeatable, both from the sales team and technical support.

          Scott Gibson, Gibson Sound & Vision, Waterloo, Ontario Canada   

  • "During the last four years we have seen an exceptional level of support from the team at Angstrom and a product range that is growing in quality and depth to meet, especially, custom installation needs."

          Mike Merrigan, Peak Audio Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada  

  • I love my Omega speakers. When they arrived on Monday, I bi-wired them to my amp, and they sound and look awesome. Thank you so much for taking all the time to answer my questions and getting the speakers delivered so quickly. I know everyone has opinions on speakers, but what counts is what I feel and I really love my Omega 28 Loudspeakers!.
    Mark Fontana, Murphysboro, IL

  • "Our experience with Angstrom Loudspeakers has been excellent. We expect 'less-than- advertised' results from most manufacturers. However, these loudspeakers deliver more than expected. Plus, the customer support has been great. Angstrom is a refreshing breeze compared to many hot-winded, overly-hyped companies. It's nice to see that the dollars are going to making great products, not advertising average ones. Thanks for helping us put smiles on our clients faces for the last year. We look forward to many more".
    Jason DeCunzo, Riverhaus Home Theatre, Missoula, Montana

  • After a long search for high-performance loudspeakers in my price range I selected Angstrom's Obbligato II floor standing model. I can honestly say the Obbligatos' s are far and away the best sounding loudspeaker I have heard under $5,000. I am thrilled with the product and consider myself an Angstrom consumer for life! Brett Newman, S.F., CA 

  • I received my Angstrom Modular Ten-i Subwoofer and it really enhanced my whole home theater system. This Angstrom subwoofer is an excellent choice among the many subwoofers on the market today. Jonathon Weitzner, Providence, RI 

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